Godthaab í Nöf Plc was founded on October 15th 2001. The first task was to re-design the company headquarters at Gardavegur 14, which had previously been a processing plant for salted- and dried fish and, in more recent years, a saltfish storage facility. The building was in bad disrepair and the following months saw a lot of effort and hard work put into getting it in order for food processing. All the hard work paid off and processing began on February 2nd 2002. In the beginning the company had a staff of 20 persons and the processing equipment was comprised of a modified Baader 189 filleting machine, a second-hand flow line, two freezing compartments and two freezing containers, in which the fully processed products were stored. During the following years the operation grew steadily, the number of employees increased and the second floor of the building in which the company was situated was acquired. A new freezer was built and machinery and equipment expanded in accordance with the growing operation. In 2010 a new 680 m2 extension was added to the building. Today there are between 90-100 (70) employees in Godthaab and 5500 (4000) tons of raw material are processed annually.


When it came to choosing a name for the new company various ideas were put forward.  One on those ideas was Godthaab, which has a certain history to it. Six of Godthaab’s founders were employees of Ísfélag Vestmannaeyja until the company was badly damaged by fire in December 2000. In the canteen of Ísfélagið an old wooden sign hung on the wall as a decoration. This wooden sign was a souvenir of the old Godthaab, which was a house owned by the late Einar Sigurdsson. The carving on the sign was “Godthaab 1830”. When the ruins of Ísfélagið were being examined after the fire it became clear that almost everything had been destroyed, the processing halls were in ruin and the filleting machines and freezing compartments had been reduced to heaps of iron. The canteen had not been shown any mercy by the fire rather than anywhere else on the site. There was however, one item in the whole of the canteen which had been untouched by fire as if by a guarding hand, and that was the wooden sign of the old Godthaab. No logical explanation was found as to how this wooden sign had escaped the fire while practically everything else on the site had been ravaged. From this came the idea for the name of the new company and even more fittingly was the fact that Godthaab translates as Good hope. The building in which the new Godthaab is situated is called Nöf, and so the name became Godthaab í Nöf.


Garðavegi 14

900 Vestmannaeyjar

Tel: +354 488-1200

Fax: +354 488-1205

Email: godthaab@godthaab.is